BREAKING: Obama Just Caught In Biggest Scandal Yet – Now Multiple People Are Dead!

According to Politico: .

By putting themselves between the DEA and Hezbollah, the Obama administration helped the militant group grow into a global security threat that is suspected of designing IEDs used to kill American troops, the report said.

“They [Obama Administration] serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very well supported and resourced, and it was done from the top down,” an analyst on the law enforcement effort told Politico.

The Trump Administration came out immediately blasting Obama for propping up this Iranian drug enterprise, with with press secretary Sarah Sanders discussing a contrast between ‘President Trump’s success against ISIS vs. President Obama’s appeasement of terrorists” with a story that she tweeted out.

Republicans told the DailyMail that when it came to fighting Islamic terrorism, that Obama was “the worst of the worst when it came to fighting terrorism in the ways that mattered most.”

DEA agents claim that Obama put roadblocks in order to stop the arrest of the key terrorist that were linked to Hezbollah. Obama threw away the main government campaign named“Project Cassandra,” the ongoing mission that was put in place back in 2008  in shutting down the Iranian terror group.

Obama’s people threw down a number of roadblocks, effectively paving the way for Hezbollah’s illegal activities including cocaine smuggling into the US which agents believe raked in $1 billion for the terror group,” according to reports. 

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