John McCain, has been going after President Donald Trump since the first day he stepped in the White House. This two-time presidential candidate just couldn’t bare losing again so he spends every hour of his sunset days thinking and coming up with new, conniving ideas on how to harm his campaign.

Just a few days back he  made a public claim in an Esquire interview saying that he  “doesn’t think the president has a set of principles and beliefs.”

Unfortunately for him, just a while later we discovered a secret of his own that he surely would rather keep berried. After something like this, it sure makes you wonder who is really morally flawed and has a lack of principles an beliefs?

This old man is yet another addition to the list of liberals who have been associated with various sex scandals, over the past few weeks. After Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer were revealed to be involved in a series of misconducts, involving  sexual abuse on women, now it appears that John McCain is  no better than any of them.

John McCain’s habit of looking after himself first is no secret. He has always put his interest in front of his friends, associates, his political party and even his own family.

This recent news reveals a secret he was successfully keeping from his wife for quite some time now. Namely, he allegedly had an affair with lobbyist Vicki Iseman.

More people who were involved in his campaign said, while requesting to remain anonymous, that “A female lobbyist had been turning up with him at fund-raisers, visiting his offices and accompanying him on a client’s corporate jet.”

After they wound up noticeably anxious that the relationship may hurt his battle, some of his counselors endeavored to secure him by endeavoring to keep the lady far from the presidential applicant.

Be that as it may, this is simply the surface of his frightful propensities.

The greater part of you can review McCain’s popular story of him being a “Vietnam war saint” who had been shot and caught by the North Vietnamese and held as detainee from 1967 until 1973. He’s extremely pleased with his war foundation, parading it around like a type of trophy.

In any case, the genuine casualty of this occurrence was extremely his first spouse Carol, who was kept oblivious every one of those years, unconscious of her husbands whereabouts. This weight incurs significant damage on a lady’s life. Not long after, she was engaged with an auto crash which left her distorted and bound to a wheelchair.

Because of her failure to move, she immediately put on a great deal of weight. McCain, never again happy with his better half’s appearance, guickly hurled her out.

As per The Daily Mail John McCain returned to the U.U in 1973 when he found his better half had survived a ghastly mishap three years sooner, that left her hindered. From Daily Mail say that her auto slipped and collided with a transmit, on Christmas Eve, 1969. She endured serious inner wounds and both her pelvis and one arm were broken.

Presently, she figures out how to stand up yet has an odd stroll because of her articulated limp.

Not long after his landing, McCain separated her and exchanged her in for a more youthful model, his present spouse, Cindy was delightful, as well as a ton more youthful than him and an affluent beneficiary. Ditty never again was the excellent model that McCain wedded so he had no issue disposing of her. revealed that “The Couple Met When John McCain Was Still Married to Ex-Wife Carol. John McCain wedded Cindy five weeks after his separation from Carol, who happened to be dear companions with the Reagans,”

This man has the respectability to address anybody on “standards” when he plainly has none at all.

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