BREAKING News From The White House – THREE Traitors Headed To Prison

According to our source, Freedom Daily, the FBI is riddled with Obama’s minions and transformed itself as the criminal arm of Obama’s shadow government. An attempted political coup of Obama’s secret police, Robert Mueller, Peter Strzok, James Comey are actively taking place to remove President Donald Trump from his office and this is now being exposed, once and for all.

One of Robert Mueller’s unique direction examination is unlawful. Keeping in mind the end goal to dispatch an examination, the Department Of Justice’s controls initially require a wrongdoing to be carried out, and no wrongdoing has ever been made so as to legitimize the exceptional advice arrangement to have a spot. Srtzok and Mueller didn’t simply dispatch and unlawful examination, they likewise endeavor to create materials as a guise to request his arraignment as they attempt to manufacture wrongdoings against Donald Trump to legitimize this witch chase.

“Stems entirely from the FBI misleadingly talking with Flynn under affectations, at that point getting him in a misquote when he didn’t understand he was being met as a feature of a criminal trap,” Natural News announced.

Be that as it may, Obama’s mystery police was concealing something since August. It turns our that Peter Strzok was expelled from Mueller’s group and they were concealing it since it would invalidate the entire examination.

“The FBI hindered all data on its site about a best counter-psychological warfare official who was commenced of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia examination for sending politically-one-sided instant messages to a FBI legal counselor. It was uncovered on Saturday that Strzok was expelled from Mueller’s group in August after the Department of Justice’s monitor general found that he traded against Trump and professional Hillary Clinton instant messages with his fancy woman, a FBI legal counselor named Lisa Page who additionally dealt with the Mueller group.

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