President Trump FIRED The MOST CORRUPTED Republican! You WON’T BELIEVE Who IS HE…

Donald Trump always wants to rely on his team. He is not a solo player. The liberal leftists want to present him as some kind of a dictator, but in fact, he is a very rational man who knows how to build a strong team and manage the team to bring the best results.

Donald Trump just fired the corrupted Department of Veterans Affairs Manager DeWayne Hamlin. After Hamlin returns from Puerto Rico he is going to get fired. The liberals didn’t like the decision and they will try to sabotage the President’s decision. However, the VA Spokesman James Hutton told the official version for Daily Caller.

“On the morning of January 20, 2017, the Department removed DeWayne Hamlin, the director of the VA Caribbean Healthcare System, from the federal civil service. Mr. Hamlin subsequently appealed his removal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), and because of particulars in his case that remains under active litigation, he was brought back to work at VA,”

Hutton continued: “As we have underscored since January 20, President Trump and Secretary [David] Shulkin have made employee accountability at VA a top priority, and we will continue to take appropriate disciplinary actions with our employees. The Secretary in this case was not able to overturn this decision once he was made aware of it. We need this ability in new legislation.”

Hamlin was arrested driving intoxicated and he was under the influence and possessed pills without a prescription. Hamlin was also plagued with many other scandals.

This man is also accused of bribery and harassment. He also threatened to a whistleblower. This means that Trump made the right decision. The Democrats may disagree but the situation is serious.

The VA Democrats will not accept this solution and they disagree. However, the people and the employees there know very well why their boss was fired.

This is what President Trump is capable of! He will not tolerate incapable people to take big responsibilities. We need strong, intelligent and disciplined people in our administration to make America great again.

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