Trey Gowdy Under FIRE – Mops The Floor With Jeff Sessions!

Trey Gowdy is famous for getting the truth. He knows exactly what to say in order to get people to give him what he wants. He fights for conservative values that others will not and was a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump during his run for office.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on his meetings with Russian officials and the Uranium One deal on Tuesday when Rep. Trey Gowdy hijacked the hearing to deliver an impassioned speech on the meaning of “justice.”

The Department of Justice, Gowdy pointed out, is an independent organization and should be treated as such. But unfortunately, he said, both the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration have used the DOJ as a political tool.

“Mr. Conyers asked you regardless of whether it was suitable for the president to say something regarding a continuous examination,” Gowdy said. “What’s more, obviously, the response to that is ‘no.’ It isn’t suitable. It’s not proper in 2017. It wasn’t proper when President Obama did it in the IRS focusing on embarrassment. It wasn’t proper when President Obama did it in the progressing examination concerning Hillary Clinton’s server. It is never suitable for a president to tell a Department of Justice what result it would reach. I simply wish my companions on the opposite side of the path would have a similar sort of shock when President Obama did it as they do now.”

There’s not a political figure alive who has worked more than Congressman Trey Gowdy to bring previous Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to equity, and now is as yet attempting to get reality out!

Mr. Gowdy is the thing that we require a greater amount of in Washington. He is a warrior battling to keep our constitution alive! This person comprehends being chosen by the general population and that he works for all Americans. It’s decent to know there are a few people who look after us and our friends and family.

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