BOMBSHELL! Hillary’s Brother Just Busted In MASSIVE Scandal That Has A Major Impact On America

According to Politico:

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s brother Anthony Rodham are facing a $17 million fraud lawsuit from Chinese investors in Greentech Automotive, an electric car company that appears to be struggling to survive.

A group of 32 Chinese citizens filed the suit last week in Fairfax County, Virginia court, claiming that they were swindled out of about $560,000 apiece as a result of misrepresentations made by McAuliffe and Rodham—two of the most prominent and politically connected proponents of the venture aimed at manufacturing electric cars in the U.S.

The suit is yet another headache for McAuliffe as he mulls a potential presidential bid in 2020, buoyed in part by Democrats’ strong showing in the state in the election earlier this month. McAuliffe confirmed last year that his business dealings with foreign nationals were under investigation by the FBI and federal prosecutors. It’s unclear whether that probe involved Greentech or whether the inquiry is still ongoing.

The Chinese investors plowed their money into Greentech with the promise of winning permanent residency in the U.S. under a program that awards green cards to foreign-funded ventures that generate U.S. jobs. However, the suit contends that the investors now face the threat of deportation from the U.S. because the Department of Homeland Security has determined that Greentech did not generate the number of jobs required to sustain the number of visas issued through the so-called EB-5 program.

“Plaintiffs now face the prospect of having to uproot their families once again, with the expense and stress of deportation to China looming before them,” the suit says, accusing McAuliffe, Rodham, Greentech founder Charles Xiaolin Wang and others of running a “scam.”

McAuliffe and Rodham did several tours through China to seek investments in the electric car startup, the suit says. As brother-in-law of President Bill Clinton and as brother of the then-secretary of state—Rodham appeared to serve as a means of attracting Chinese interest in the project. The suit contends that Rodham’s involvement conveyed that the electric-car firm was politically-connected and likely to prosper.

“Defendants milked these connections in marketing materials,” the suit says. “Defendants exploited those relationships to assure investors of both the success of the company and their ability to obtain U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) approval of the visa applications.”

A representative for McAuliffe, Crystal Carson, debated the cases and noticed that the senator surrendered his part in the firm years back.

“We firmly dismiss this ridiculous suit which has no legitimacy at all. The cases, which spew old political assaults in regards to an organization that Governor McAuliffe left five years prior, were carried by a legal counselor with traditionalist ties,” Carson said. “We are sure it will be expelled.”

One of the lawyers who drafted the suit, Scott Abeles of Los Angeles-based Gerard Fox law, questioned any political inspiration.

Is it true that it isn’t incredible how the entire Democrat Party is imploding? From Crooked Hillary Clinton’s sibling, these sorts of shenanigans can be normal. Be that as it may, you would figure the 2020 presidential confident would in any event be sufficiently cautious as to abstain from getting his oily paws into plans this way. Actually, this case is yet another of numerous cerebral pains for McAuliffe as he thought about a potential presidential offer in 2020. Kept above water just by the way that Democrats had a solid appearing in his home province of Virginia in the decision prior this month.

McAuliffe had affirmed a year ago that his business dealings with remote nationals were under scrutiny by the FBI and government prosecutors. It’s hazy whether that test included Greentech or whether the request is as yet progressing. So who knows where this will lead.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to see both Killary Clinton and her sibling Anthony Rodham in a correctional facility? A family that untruths, tricks and takes together, remains together. What’s more, the Rodhams appear to have an issue working inside the limits law. Appears like most in the Democrat Party are experiencing this same affliction nowadays, and since President Donald Trump said he would deplete the bog, it appears as though he is completing on his guarantee. Who knows, possibly We The People will at last be recovering our country all things considered.

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