BREAKING: Bill Clinton CAUGHT In Horrific Scandal, This Is Nasty!

According to CrhristianNewsAlert:

Former-President Bill Clinton’s close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein has raised more than a few eyebrows since it was first reported last year. It gets much worse, apparently.

First reported during the campaign of 2016, Clinton “ditched” his Secret Service detail on multiple trips aboard Epstein’s “Lolita Express,” a private jet that ferried wealthy men to Epstein’s private island. 

One does not get rid of their Secret Service detail easily. Forms have to be filed, logs have to be updated, and other official business must be taken care of first.

The fact that the Secret Service and Bill Clinton did not perform these mandatory functions is nothing short of explosive, especially considering the nature of Epstein and his private island.

Epstein was arrested in 2005 and signed a plea agreement with the US Attorney’s Office two years later. All told, Epstein was convicted of a single charge of soliciting prostitution. He accepted a 30-month sentence and was forced to register as a “Tier 1” sex offender.

Epstein, a billionaire, admitted that he used his private island in the US Virgin Islands to arrange sexual liaisons between wealthy and powerful men and underage girls.

Some survivors of Epstein’s island have described their ordeal as sex slavery. Clinton has all but admitted that he flew on Epstein’s private jet, but the major documents released in 2016 exposed that Clinton had a much closer relationship with Epstein than previously thought.

Clinton flew on the “Lolita Express” no less than five times, which, thus, implies that Clinton remained on Epstein’s island five times without Secret Service security subtle elements.

The majority of this data brings up issues. Did Clinton, who has been blamed for sexual mistake since the late 1970s, participate in sex with underage young ladies at Epstein’s private island? Did Epstein record any of these trades as a feature of an extortion conspire?

As conspiratorial as the greater part of this may sound, these might be genuine instances of well off people participating in pedophilia. In Norway, a web pedophile ring of somewhere in the range of 70,000 individuals was broken separated by the police, who along these lines told the media that of the 670 speculates who mishandled 230 kids, many were well off and effective individuals from Norwegian common society.

In 2012, a gay Australian couple that was as often as possible lionized in the press for embracing a male kid had their youngster detracted from them in the United States, after they were accused of rape. Los Angeles specialists guaranteed that the couple were found with reports demonstrating their baby kid seeing smut with another kid.

In America, previous tyke on-screen character Corey Feldman has guaranteed since 2016 that Hollywood is controlled by a cryptic ring of abnormal state pedophiles. In Feldman’s telling, Hollywood pedophiles “prepare” youthful on-screen characters by driving them to take part in sex acts in return for guarantees of notoriety.

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