JUST IN: Investigator Who Tied Obama To ISIS Found DEAD Under Suspicious Circumstances

Even with only three weeks left in the office, Barack Obama keeps knitting his corrupt and destructive web, causing collateral damage everywhere he steps foot in. The latest discovery in which Obama might also be involved is that the NATO investigator who revealed Obama’s connections to ISIS was found dead in Belgium under suspicious circumstances.

Yves Chandelon, Chief Auditor for NATO was was found with a shot wound and a gun in his right hand, so authorities believe it was a suicide. Family members, however, claim otherwise and demand a homicide investigation to be opened. They state several facts to prove that it wasn’t suicide, like the information that Chandelon was left-handed, therefore, the gun would have been in his left hand. They also revealed that he had been receiving phone threats in the weeks before his death.

Another thing that didn’t line up was the information that the gun used wasn’t registered, while Yves had three guns registered in his name, reports Freedom Daily.

Yet, the most suspicious reality is that in this period Chandelon was exploring dread financing, particularly with respect to ISIS, which gives a lot of intentions in somebody to need to hush him and stop his examination.

As we as a whole definitely know, Defense Intelligence Agency messages from 2012 uncovered that the Obama organization was purposely financing and equipping fear based oppressor associations like Al Qaeda and ISIS. Spilled messages likewise demonstrated the organization’s contribution in the assault on the office in Benghazi and that they knew it was being arranged, yet did nothing, and lied about it a while later.

American arms merchant Marc Turi was removed by the Obama organization after he babbled adjoin his association planning arms to be sent to Libyan agitators, so perhaps this case was likewise ‘dealt with’.

That was additionally part of Chandelon’s examination – where ISIS got its cash from to purchase arms.

He was in charge of inward bookkeeping at NSPA and also outer examinations concerning illegal tax avoidance exercises and fear based oppressor financing.

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