Handwritten Note From Obama Found, Shows He Lied About Hillary’s Emails

According to Fox News:

The Obama administration’s White House counsel was directly involved in deliberations over the release of Hillary Clinton emails as early as spring 2015, according to handwritten FBI agent notes released by the bureau late Friday.

The notes read: “Pat Kennedy (early May ’15) calls interagency MTG (meeting) re: scheduled release by JAN ’16, asking quick turnarounds – WH Counsel, CIA, etc…OSD, DNI, NSC and (redacted)”

Of course, Obama claimed that he learned about Clinton’s private email “The same time everybody else learned (about) it, through news reports.”

In any case, an email sent from Clinton relate Cheryl Mills, and circulated by none other than WikiLeaks, shows she revealed to Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta:

“We have to tidy this up. He has messages from her — they don’t state state.gov.”

These notes suggest that, in any event, he was trying to get included with the objective that he could see what was to be discharged. In any case, one can’t fight the temptation to consider whether he was likewise endeavoring to control what was discharged.

The new notes in like manner affirm that Patrick Kennedy attempted to get the portrayal of the messages changed, obviously, when it was first nitty gritty, Kennedy denied it.

The recently discharged notes, from a meeting with a State Department representative, likewise demonstrate how the division’s No. 3 at the time, Patrick Kennedy, attempted to persuade a FBI specialist to change the order of the Clinton messages, contending they didn’t contain delicate data.

This was first detailed by Fox News in September 2015, and later portrayed in a FBI rundown discharged a year ago as a “compensation.”

To wrap things up, the notes furthermore reveal that two boxes of messages ought to be turned over by Hillary Clinton’s lawful guides to the FBI, in any case… you got it… they weren’t! Gracious, in spite of all that they haven’t been spoken to, either.

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