New Clinton SHAMEFUL Scandal Explodes – ROCKS WASHINGTON DC

In a report that was circulated on Friday, workers in the Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ Democratic 2016 presidential campaigns alleged that they were harassed while working for the politicians. Additionally, the report claims that the managers of the campaigns did not properly address the issues. These are the latest sexual misconduct charges to blast through the Democratic party, following the widely circulated photo of Democratic Senator Al Franken grabbing at a woman’s breasts.

Lilian Adams, who worked for Clinton, and Zoey Jordan Salsbury, who was part of the Sanders primary campaign, told HuffPost that they were “sexually harassed by fellow campaign workers and that the campaigns were ‘ill-equipped’ to cope.”
An article on Breitbart explains that then 19-year-old Adams, who is bisexual, who moved to Colorado in order to work for the Clinton campaign, indicated that she had to listen to homophobic remarks while working on the campaign. The harassment, she said, included comments about her body as well as efforts to force her into vulnerable situations, to not wear bras, and to get her to drink alcohol.

Congressperson Al Franken looks irritatingly cheerful about sexually attacking Leeann Tweeden in 2006.

Adams initially disclosed to her bosses about this conduct in June. It at that point took a long time for them to at last fire her abuser, then’s identity, incredibly, rehired in October to work for the crusade in an alternate state. Obviously, Adams was left in a condition of stun, particularly as Clinton had stressed in her crusade the significance of treating ladies well.

The Breitbart article shared an announcement by Adams, in which she stated, “You have a considerable measure of youthful energetic individuals who need to help change the world through Democratic governmental issues. More established Democratic agents see this energy and endeavor it, placing us in a to a great degree unpleasant and unfortunate workplace.”

Salsbury, who was 18 when she was a Bernie volunteer, imparted her story to the HuffPost, expressing that one of the assistants on the battle made undesirable advances to her. At that point, when Salsbury endeavored to have the circumstance redressed she discovered that the Bernie battle had no procedure that took into consideration the successful determination of the circumstance. Salsbury expressed that there was a culture at the Bernie crusade that did not survey office strategies with the volunteers and that tried to set up unequivocal principles about badgering.”

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