JUST IN: Chelsea Clinton CAUGHT Stealing From Charity Foundation

According to Truth Monitor:

The Clintons have been criticized for inappropriately using The Clinton Foundation, by giving large donors access to the highest levels of our government. Now it turns out that First Daughter Chelsea Clinton may have been involved in some shady activity in relation to the charity, too.

Failed former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got into a great deal of hot water during the campaign for her management of her so-called “charity” the Clinton Foundation, which was finally unmasked as a pay-to-play scheme. Now we are finding out more about Chelsea’s central role in the organization, and how she used money to fund her own interests.

According to internal Clinton emails recently leaked by Wikileaks, reported on by Fox News, Chelsea diverted a significant amount of money from the charity, which was supposed to spent on providing healthcare to needy people around the world, to pay for her extravagant wedding.

Prior this year, Wall Street informant Charles Ortel called the Clinton Foundation “the biggest unprosecuted philanthropy extortion ever,” and the same number of you might know, they’re at present subject to various FBI tests (since Hillary can’t not wind up under FBI examination).

The Clinton family is worth many millions – and we’re to trust that they can’t bear to pay for a wedding? Obviously they can, they’d simply rather utilize the cash of individuals sufficiently imbecilic to give them theirs.

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