Sheriff Clarke Just Set The Media On Fire With Two Words To Mueller That’ll Ruin Him

With all of the controversy going on right now surrounding Special Counsel Robert Mueller, people have seen to lost a lot of respect for him and the FBI.

Sheriff Clarke beautifully breaks down why people have lost respect for the FBI, and he makes it very clear that he is not talking about the agents at the bottom, but at the guys who are on top.

While making his statement, he takes a swing at Robert Mueller that he will feel in the morning.

“Look I think it’s a shame because the FBI’s a proud organization, it had a lot of integrity until the Obama Administration Eric Holder leading that thing came alone.”

“And I’m not blaming the agents for any of this but people at the higher levels; the Robert Muellers and some others. They knew about this stuff and buried it, they knew about it and ran with it anyway.”

“Individuals need to start to address Robert Mueller’s capacity amid this extraordinary indictment to lead this since now his honesty has gone under inquiry.”

“That is the way profound this is and that is the reason I utilize the word debasement and I don’t believe that that word is too implausible.”

So be it, Sheriff Clarke! Robert Mueller’s respectability is absolutely under inquiry and as Sean Hannity prior pointed out this is every one of the a major diversion and Mueller is working with the media.

Try not to let the subject of Robert Mueller occupy you from reality! The liberal media and democrats are behind this whole thing and the individuals who have eyes to see will understand this!

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