SPECIAL REPORT: Loretta Lynch BUSTED For Crimes Against US!

According to Americanlookout:

Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch are like two peas in a pod. Both are long time leeches of taxpayer dollars, and both criminals, who don’t care about ANY of us.

There was a deal struck between Lynch and Bill Clinton at the infamous airport tarmac meeting. Not long after this meeting, Lynch approached Comey about covering for Clinton. Hillary suggested that she wanted to keep Lynch on as Attorney General had she won the presidency. THE FBI knew something was shady.

Amid previous FBI Director James Comey’s declaration, there was little inquiry with respect to regardless of whether there was a plan set up to win the race for Hillary Clinton. Comey talked finally around an experience he had with Lynch directly after her meeting with Bill Clinton at the airplane terminal, where they discussed “their grandchildren and golf.”

As per CNN, Lynch drew near to Comey, and asked that he quit calling the examination concerning Clinton an “examination,” and rather allude to it as a “matter.” It appeared like an odd demand to make, particularly considering that we were recently going into the 2016 decision.

Amazingly enough, all this information coming to the forefront has not left the Democrats running and hiding. They should get a head start, though. When the hammer of justice comes cracking down, they WILL be forced to pay for their complete disregard of every single patriot in this country. Being the president is not about personal gain, it’s about representing a nation. We ALL know that Hillary would have failed us miserably. Good Riddance!

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