Obama Has Just Broken The Law To Take Over America – LOOK At Who He Secretly Met With Behind Trump’s Back

It has been a long standing custom in the history of American presidents, that former and sitting presidents, shall not focus on their differences but seek to unite in their mutual love for the country. Therefore, it shall come as no surprise that Obama, who is devoid of anything slightly resemblant to patriotism, is unable to find common grounds with President Trump.

According to UsaNewsFlash:

President Obama is by all accounts unfit to give up the power that he once held as the leader of the United States. As far back as he cleared out office, he’s been fixated to bring President Trump around shaping a “shadow government”.

On various events, he has had his “operators” contrive to release fragile data, square enactments and compose hostile to government revitalizes all through the nation.

With an end goal to undermine the current authoritative Agenda, Obama even ventured to reach, in the face of Trump’s good faith, to scratch Senators asking not to nullify Obamacare. This is a break of direct for previous presidents, and from a legitimate perspective, marginal near subversion.

His activities have jeopardized this nation as well as the entire world. Just in the most recent month touchy data discharged by his assistants have adversely affect counter fear monger endeavors giving Isis individuals a chance to escape under the radar. How misinformed must the needs of such a man be, to profit fear mongers for promulgation? It make’s one wiped out to think this man was ever president.

In his most recent trick, he has scaled up his jokes by subtly meeting with South Korean Moon Jae – in. This meeting was of uncommon importance as it occurred 3 days after Trump had met with South Korean Leader and on an indistinguishable week from the G20. Obama was gotten in South Korea with presidential respects and had 60 minutes since a long time ago shut entryway meeting where he talked about a procedure to “manage Trump”. Comparative gatherings have occurred with Canada, France, and Germany over the most recent couple of weeks.

On these discussions, Obama tried to persuade world pioneers that Trump’s Agenda was not the primary American Agenda and requested that world pioneers bolster “him”, until the point that he could put Democrats back set up, no doubt alluding to a conceivable Michelle 2020.

Conducting these secrets meetings would make him guilty of Federal Crimes. First, he is effectively claiming to World Leaders to represent the “American Agenda”. Just the act of “representing” American unauthorized is grounds for prison. Furthermore, he is asking these countries to “pressure” the American Government. This actually would be a much more serious form of “collusion” than Trump was ever accused of.

What is most scary is the amount of influence Obama holds within the Justice Department, as feels he can break law without repercussions. Going a step further, while he was in South Korea, Obama made a public statement and called United States Presidency and Agenda “temporary”.

The fact that he feels confident enough to make this announcement without fearing prosecution by JOD just shows how deep his secret government runs. This is no accident. This man studied constitutional law, he knows he is breaking the law and he doesn’t care.

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