She’s Been Indicted On 24 Counts Of Fraud From Her ‘Charitable Foundation’

According to LiberyWriters:

Another day, another sign that democrats are crooks. Behind all the virtue signaling and poetic speeches, democrats are working to rob America. They claim they care about helping the poor, working class, and everyday Americans. But in truth they are only in it to benefit themselves.We see this time and again, when they back policies and laws that help their rich donors. Often enough, those laws hurt you and me, or raise our taxes to shocking heights.

All through a year ago we were compelled to look as democrats escaped with a reiteration of violations and fakes. DNC executive Wasserman-Schulz was deceiving her own gathering to help Hillary Clinton. Donna Brazile, another DNC head, was going along wrangle about inquiries.

What’s more, obviously Clinton herself had infringed upon the law to utilize a private email server. This to conceal the reality she was taking trade from outside interests out trade for favors.

Presently we are finding out about another powerful democrat, who was found deceiving kids. This one truly takes the cake.

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