Mad Dog Exposes the SICK Thing Obama Did to Trump….

The foe of my adversary is my companion ought to be the life-motto that Obama passes by. It has never been a mystery that Obama is brimming with affection and support for the exceptionally muslim nations that need western human progress annihilated, and he has constantly given careful consideration to our greatest foe Iran.

In 2011 after Iranian-provided rockets wiped-out almost 15 U.S. troops each month in Iraq, General “Frantic Dog” Mattis asked for to dispatch a countering strike against Iran. Obviously Obama denied the demand out-right.

The Traitor-In-Chief expressed that he dreaded such a strike would chafe the Iranians, and make the difference of the Iraqi Occupation raise, and he needed frantically to end that. Obama dreaded the arrangement gambled beginning a war with Iran and he frantically tried to end up aligns with Iran.

Unfortunately 54 Military work drive were killed in Iraq in 2011, however then the fake nuke deal talks broke down paying little notice to any strike. Mattis should have blown the Iranian garbage to pieces, and as the President at the time Obama should have maintained his play. Too dreadful we have been under the control of a swindler all through the past 8 years and our country is up ’til now paying the cost for it!

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