9 Bodies Were Found Today In Clinton’s House Backyard

The official number of bodies recuperated from the Clinton bequest in upstate New York is 9, says Quantico’s Chief:

“We have discovered, by and large, the entire stays of 9 people, all accepted to be female in their late adolescents through mid 30s. It would seem that the latest was accounted for missing in 2005. That number incorporates the three ladies recouped the previous evening. Their middles were in one of alternate barrels. Not the sum total of what 9 have been distinguished yet.”

LOTF journalist on the scene Anatata Fukkuhiro says that no cameras or meetings are being permitted yet that she can unmistakably observe the Clintons as yet sitting tranquilly on their entryway patio in recliners:

“It resembles they’re insulting the FBI. They simply stay there, having told the FBI they won’t be noting any inquiries until the point when the recuperation is finished and they can meet in an impartial area. It doesn’t appear like they have anything to stress over.”

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