JUST IN: Obama’s Best Ally SENTENCED 357 Years In JAIL!

The friendship between former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was long discussed, and it’s actually Obama who helped Hillary through the presidential campaign. Well, he helped the failing candidate in so many aspects, but nothing helped Hillary win the elections. The only thing that matters is the will of the former president to be friends with bad people.

It seems like Obama tends to have many suspicious friends, and one of his political allies is already facing serious charges. The criminal acts may bring former Congresswoman Corrine Brown a prison sentence of 357 years.

The prison sentence isn’t the only thing Corrine is getting sentenced with. She’s also facing a $4.8 million. Corrine should have never touched the charity money meant for children’s education. Corrine Brown dared to take money from One Door For Education, a non-profit charity. Can it get worse than that?

In 1992, Corrine Brown was elected to Congress. But, that wasn’t the only thing she got at this time. She also faced accusations about the violation of campaign finance laws. Corrine also used a corporate plane, and took donations from foreign citizens.

In 1998, the National Baptist Convention president Rev. Henry Lyons gave Corrine a $10,000 check. Reports on frauds got Lyons a five-year jail time in federal prison.

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