MAJOR Democrat CAUGHT Selling Secrets To Our Enemies!

According to Angrypatriotmovement:

Former IT worker for Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Imran Iwan, is in a whole world of trouble. For Fox Business’s Varney & Co program, Judge Andrew Napolitano stated: He was arrested for some financial crime. That’s the tip of the iceberg. The real crime against him was that he had contact, he had access to emails of every member of Congress and he sold what he found in there.

What did he offer and to whom did he offer it? That is the thing that the FBI needs to know. This might be an, intense national security examination.”

Wasserman-Schultz employed Imran Awan when she was chosen to Congress in 2004. She even utilized his entire family including his two siblings, and his better half to work with Democrat individuals from Congress. These warped Muslims were snickering straight to the bank while profiting.

Take this into point of view, Imran Awan made $164,600 from Congressional Democrats in 2016. His woman earned over $168,000. Imran’s two siblings, Jamal and Abid, picked up $157,350 and $160,943 each.

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