LEAKED: Document Shows How Many Bombs Obama Dropped In US

His guide, spilled by a Pentagon official and redrawn for the layman by The Independent, indicates where Obama’s 26,171 bombs landed. The vast majority of them in Syria and Iraq in a worthless show of compel against ISIS that was an entire disappointment:

Furthermore, that is only 2016. Increase that circumstances 8 years and out of the blue the Nobel Peace Prize champ was nearer to Hitler and Stalin than Gandhi. He dropped more than a fourth of a million bombs on similar individuals he says he was endeavoring to spare, while subsidizing fear based oppression through the indirect access also.

He really loathes America. He clearly additionally despises his country. “Directed strikes” may cause less harm and execute less regular folks, however despite everything they slaughter individuals. In any event Trump besieged a relinquished landing strip and just caused minor harm. THAT is a compelling hotshot drive.

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