TODAY: Hillary Clinton Insisting Staff Refer To Her As ‘Mrs. President’

Chris Christie. Mike Huckabee. Perhaps Mitt Romney. Clearly Hillary Clinton isn’t flustered by any potential Republican applicants of blocking her rising to the administration. Purportedly, Clinton has assembled a conference with her inside staff, and requested that they begin tending to her as President Clinton, beginning promptly.

Clinton representative, Dominic Santori addressed the media. “As a matter of first importance, Mrs. Clinton has not reported that she will be looking for the law based assignment for president. I’m not saying she’s discounting a potential run, but rather nothing is authentic. On the off chance that or when it is, I can guarantee you we will tell you. Until at that point, Mrs. Clinton is visiting to help her New York Times top rated book, Hard Choices.”

Another individual from Clinton’s staff talked on state of obscurity. “Obviously she will run,” refered to the staff member. “This is history here. The main lady president? Is there any good reason why she wouldn’t need that respect? She’s running, believe me, and she’s triumphant.”

The staff member additionally affirmed that Clinton, in arrangement for the run, is requesting that her staff allude to her as Miss President, or President Clinton. “She needs to get used to being alluded as that. In spite of the fact that regardless we’re debating on the off chance that she ought to be called Ms., Miss, or Mrs. President. It could be Madam. We must be set up for that day in 2016.”

“Bill Clinton has been a piece of these gatherings also, and he took a stab at calling his significant other ‘Miss President’ a couple of times, yet continued chuckling. Following a couple of hours and mixed drinks, he could state it with a straight face. Mrs. Clinton likewise had a snicker alluding to him as the First Lady. She clowned they’ll at long last have something in like manner. Those two have an awesome marriage. They will make an extraordinary President and First Lady, once more.”

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