John McCain Says He ‘Accidentally’ Voted No On Healthcare Repeal

Representative John McCain stunned the whole nation by voting NO on the Obamacare annul on the Senate floor a few days ago, yet despite the fact that he made a flood of new fans from the left, he is currently saying he committed an error, and that his cerebrum tumor is to mind.

“I quickly lost my faculties, and truly couldn’t recollect which route was up, and which was down,” said McCain, talking from his home, where specialists have put him on bedrest. “That is to say, obviously, to vote TO cancel it, similar to the arrangement. As I’ve specified some time recently. Nothing Republicans like accomplishing more than screwing the whole nation, thus normally I ought to have offered a go-ahead. I swear I did. This mind tumor is truly incurring significant damage.”

Sadly, the vote sticks as-seems to be, unless a greater part requires another vote at some point in the following 90 days.

“I think at that vote, I may decline,” said McCain. “In case I’m as yet alive, I truly would prefer not to botch this up again, and you never know how my vote may go.”

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