TODAY: Bill Clinton Files For Divorce From Hillary Clinton

Open records show that previous president Bill Clinton has petitioned for separate from his better half, current presidential leader Hillary Clinton, refering to “beyond reconciliation contrasts.”

A legal advisor for Ex-President Clinton said that he had “no remark” as of now, yet said that Clinton himself had issued an incomplete proclamation on the issue:

For the individuals who are pondering, yes, I have chosen to leave Hillary following quite a while of marriage. The reasons are close to home and, well – really, a great deal of the reasons are, extremely open, as well – however the greater part of them are close to home. I like engaging in sexual relations with numerous ladies, and Hillary likes to control everything, including me. It’s turned out to be too difficult to live with such a deranged, self important lady, and when she moves toward becoming president, it will destroy this marriage significantly further. We can’t see eye-to-eye, thus it is the ideal opportunity for me to end this. I would prefer not to have sexual relations with that lady.

As per a legal counselor, who does not speak to either party, a separation with this much value, land, and other enormous ticket things, could set aside some opportunity to deal with. It’s completely likely that the match will in any case be legitimately hitched until the point that well after Hillary is sworn into office.

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