BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Ben Carson Arrested For Conspiracy….

Dr. Ben Carson, the Republican possibility for president, has apparently been captured for a wrongdoing he supposedly dedicated quite a long while prior. As indicated by a meeting Dr. Carson gave on national TV that has since made the rounds, he conceded that amid a burglary at a Popeye’s Chicken Restaurant, he helped the criminal by guiding him to loot the clerk at gunpoint.

“I have had a firearm hung on me when I was in a Popeye’s association,” the resigned neurosurgeon revealed to Karen Hunter on Sirius XM Radio, alluding to the seared chicken fast-food chain. “[A] fellow comes in, puts the weapon in my ribs. What’s more, I quite recently stated, ‘I trust that you need the person behind the counter.”

Police in Baltimore, where the occurrence occurred, say that the confirmation of blame in part of the wrongdoing was sufficient for the capture. They are as of now looking for leads on his assistant, the previously mentioned thief with the firearm.

As far as it matters for him, Dr. Carson says that he is a “blameless man,” and was simply recounting the story to pick up sensitivity and to demonstrate he had a comprehension of firearm brutality, something that has befuddled everybody who has heard the story as far back as he let it know.

“Dr. Carson appears like one of those individuals who is so damn brilliant that they may really be ridiculously dumb,” said Joe Goldsmith, a Baltimore inhabitant who previously worked at a Popeye’s Chicken Restaurant. “I don’t review Dr. Carson consistently coming into the place I worked, however in the event that he had, and advised a criminal to come point a firearm at me, I’d have whooped his rear end.”

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