Obama Confesses Dirty Secret: ‘I Had Sex With …….’

The political field of the US has again been shaken by a sex outrage, this time at the most abnormal amount. Theory has offered approach to truth, as President Barack Obama today admitted that he has had intercourse with first woman Michelle – on numerous events. However, dissimilar to with previous President Bill Clinton’s trouble making, Obama does not have all the earmarks of being abashed in the smallest, prompting feedback from moderates around the country.

“I’ve been laying down with Michelle throughout recent years,” composed the president in a long, monotonous arrangement of twitter posts. “23 years indeed. Some time before I was voted in to run this nation. Some time before Michelle was voted in as First Lady. Indeed, even before I was in office in Illinois. We’ve engaged in sexual relations such a variety of times. I lost tally long prior. We’re both better than average at it. That is the reason we continue doing it. As a flippant liberal, I trust that there is nothing amiss with the president and the main woman resting together.”

Traditionalist representative and conceivable 2016 presidential competitor, Rand Paul, has responded with wrath at the president’s comments.

“This is the thing that happens when you’re too left wing!” he yelled to boisterous commendation while going by in Des Moines. “All of a sudden it’s okay to have a wide range of sickening issues. It doesn’t make a difference that you’re a good example to the country. What difference does it make? Why not have a great time?” the Kentucky legislator jeered.

Different faultfinders were more worried about issues nearer to home.

“Shouldn’t something be said about the kids?” asked previous congresswoman Michele Bachmann. “Natasha and Malia Ann will be crushed at the news that their folks have completed such an illegal issue. It’s shocking.”

Natasha Obama, be that as it may, was all the more sympathetic.

“Mother and Dad have been living respectively for quite a while,” she composed on her blog. “When you’re in such closeness, stuff happens. It truly shocks no one to me. Two appealing individuals resting in a similar bed definitely engage in sexual relations. I watched that motion picture with Sandra Bullock – The Proposal I think it was called. Those two even wound up getting hitched.”

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